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Complete the remarks given by the four participants at the forum so as to show each one's answer to the question: Should school children take part-time jobs?

(1) The two full-time jobs that children have already got are:
, and
(2) Part-time jobs make them so
that they
in class.

Mrs. Barnes:
What children need is

Mr. Barnes:
(1) A part-time job can't
bigger boys.
(2) They earn their
instead of asking their parents for it. And they see

(1) Boys
from a part-time job.
(2) If the pupils didn't
they couldn't

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Should school children take part-time jobs?
This is a discussion which will appear in a magazine.
Editor: This month our panel looks at part-time jobs. Are they good for school children or not?
Headmaster: Definitely not. The children have got two full-time jobs already: growing up and going t
o school. Part-time jobs make them so tired they fal1 asleep in class.
Mrs. Barnes: I agree. I know school hours are short, but there's homework as well. And children need a
lot of sleep.
Mr. Barnes: Young children perhaps, but some boys stay at school until they're eighteen or nineteen. A
part-time job can't harm them. In fact, it's good for them. They earn their pocket-money instead of a
sking their parents for it. And they see something of the world outside school.
Businessman: You're absolutely right. Boys learn a lot from a part-time job. And we mustn't forget t
hat some families need the extra money. If the pupils didn't take part-time jobs they couldn't stay 
at school.
Editor: Well, we seem to be equally divided: two for, and two against. What do our readers think?